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ABU Sage Green Boots

The Air Force Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) is the result of the evolution of the early Vietnam tiger stripe, similar to the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) with the inclusion of the slate blue color, and being nearly identical to the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU). The sage ABU boots that are required to be worn with the Air Force ABU are a rough-out sage green boot including composite, soft or safety steel toe, waterproofed Gore-tex insulated versions, and made with or without side zippers.

KEL-LAC Uniforms, Inc. offer sage ABU Boots from a host of vendors including:

  • 5.11
  • Bates
  • Belleville
  • Converse®
  • Corcoran
  • Danner®
  • Rockport
  • Rocky
  • Tactical Research
  • Wellco

Also available are moisture-wicking socks in matching color to comply with military specifications. Boot styles can include smooth, stain–resistant “wipe and wear” materials that have been waterproof insulated to keep feet dry. Breathable leather is also waterproof using a Gore-Tex® bootie and a moisture wicking lining. Styles include fiberglass shanks with sturdy stitch down construction. It is most important that a boot keep feet cool and dry in the desert conditions and most are hand-made, one at a time.

You want an aggressive, sturdy, solid boot that is flexible inside for comfort and support. Padded comfort collars and breathable vented drainage holes allow for tough wet and dry conditions. What is reassuring is that all of the features have been soldier-tested, proven to withstand the punishment dished out by those in service-related professions while providing a platform of comfort from which to work hard.

There are boots made to withstand various environments deigned to boost performance regardless of the mission. Then there are mission specific boots that are made for light duty, medium and heavy duty. Some designs specialize in being the only true flame resistant soling system, providing strength as well as comfort and durability. Some have an antimicrobial lining that is both protective and comfortable with premium soles and outsoles. The zippered boot is tied up with the laces and then uses the zippers from then on for quick change.

All of the boots offered through KEL-LAC Uniforms, Inc. incorporate cutting-edge features, designed with traditional construction processes that ensure durability at great value. Boots are made to be oil and slip resistant with a quiet sole for stealth in tactical situations. The understanding is that the average shift is a long one so comfort is key when outfitting service-related professions. Shop the many offerings to get exactly what you need in sage ABU Boots from KEL-LAC.

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