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KEL-LAC Uniforms, Inc. knows what you need when it comes to military backpacks and bags. The military is nothing if not on the move, and the backpack is the gear staple that allows the outbound operator to pack armor, hardware, clothes and other gear in a rugged transport that was built to survive the journey.

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The duffle, the gear bag, the kit bag, the rucksack, hydration tactical packs, computer cases, locker bags and gun cases; there is a pack for every purpose designed to serve and protect the contents it is charged with carrying.

Heavy-duty, durable, high-impact, reinforced materials with adjustable features offer the options in a gear bag for any mission or travel. Collapsible handles and adjustable locking clasps, compartments with pockets and dividers, zippers and tie-down straps, all make these bags versatile and adaptable for the needs of the moment. These bags open easily for greater accessibility while on the go. Removable and reconfigurable pouches that adjust to the accessories provide efficiency for travel.

Survival can depend on having everything you need when you need it. Law enforcement professionals can find their ultimate bags and backpacks that are designed to adjust to their many needs through improvements to existing products and providing the protection for high-valued gear. For functionality, storage, durability and value, KEL-LAC Uniforms, Inc. offers backpacks to suit any situation.

Today’s packs have reinforced aluminum back stays for improved load stability and padded sections that have been prepared to contain the laptop computer. Mesh lining and shoulder harnesses allow for better breath-ability.  Additionally, most packs are molle compatible with generous main compartments, perimeter zippers for complete access, and internal and external zippered pockets.

KEL-LAC offers hydration packs that are designed to house an apparatus intended to provide the user the ability to carry enough liquids to remain hydrated under rigorous conditions. The hydration system supports the physical effort expended through the activity that is being performed. The many variations of hydration systems are offered to suit the demands of the environment in which they will be needed, such as how much water is to be carried, the style, or the reason behind the intake of water. Hydration backpacks, bladders, waist packs, valves and accessories are all available through the KEL-LAC website.

These designs are the result of law enforcement agencies and military units that have provided the input toward having a better understanding of their needs in the field. When you are looking for military backpacks, hydration packs, duffle bags, gear and kit bags, or any of the endless arrays of items available, check out the KEL-LAC website for all your outbound requirements.

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  • UA Tactical Range Bag 2.0

    UA Tactical Range Bag 2.0

    $119.99 $101.99

    Features UA Storm technology delivers an element-battling, highly water-resistant finish 600D Ripstop polyester construction is lightweight & extremely durable Compression molded TPU bottom panel for durable...

  • 1 Quart Plastic Canteen

    1 Quart Plastic Canteen


    We offer this BPA Free 1 Quart canteen in Olive Drab and Coyote Tan. Made in the USA. NSN# 8465-00-889-3744

  • Big Bite™ Valve Cover

    Big Bite™ Valve Cover


    Keeps CamelBak’s unique Big Bite™ Valve clean and protects it in extreme weather, work, or operational conditions.

  • CamelBak® eddy® .75L HOD

    CamelBak® eddy® .75L HOD


    Camelbak's spill-proof, .75 L BPA-Free eddy Bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated on the go. Redesigned to provide faster flow and enhanced durability. Designed with Camelbak's classic Hydrate or Die logo...

  • Camelbak® Elixir - Orange Alert

    Camelbak® Elixir - Orange Alert


    Camelbak Elixir provides a healthy alternative to sugar-based energy drinks. Turns water into an Electrolyte-enhanced sports drink.   Specifications Blend of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals help maintain body...

  • Cleaning Kit

    Cleaning Kit


    Includes reservoir brush, tube brush, two cleaning tablets, and customizable reservoir dryer. Reservoir dryer compatible with the Long-Neck and OMEGA® reservoirs only. Features Two brushes and cleaning tabs keep your...

  • Cleaning Tablets

    Cleaning Tablets


    Keep your reservoir free from taste and odor and ready for your next adventure. Fast-acting tablets are easy to use and work in just minutes.  8 Tablets Per Box   The Process Clean reservoir and delivery tube...

  • Field Cleaning Kit

    Field Cleaning Kit


    Periodic cleaning with this Field Cleaning Kit keeps reservoir and tube free from taste and odor. Features Sponge Tube Brush Cleaning Tablets Durable Carry Pouch CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Guarantee: If we...

  • Omega® Water Beast™ Reservoir 100 oz - 3.0L

    Omega® Water Beast™ Reservoir 100 oz - 3.0L


    The OMEGA® Water Beast™ Reservoir is the ultimate delivery system for an operator's water supply. The reservoir’s proven durability, OMEGA® wide mouth opening, rugged materials ensures the reliable...

  • Reservoir Dryer

    Reservoir Dryer


    Dry your OMEGA® reservoir quickly and completely with the Reservoir Dryer™. Features Hang reservoir upside down for storage CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Guarantee: If we built it, we'll Bak it™ with our...

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