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Logging into Your Old Account

Posted by Hunter Inman (IT Director) on

If you shopped with us before the site remodel, we've still got your account!

This process is primarily for those with prior 'Agency Purchase' authorization (BCFS, ASPR/NDMS, TDCJ, etc) so that you can still see your agency's purchasing page without having to re-authorize.

To continue using your previous account:

  1. Open the login page

  2. Enter the EMAIL ADDRESS associated with your USERNAME on the old site.
    (Your USERNAME may have been your EMAIL ADDRESS)

  3. If the EMAIL ADDRESS is recognized by the system, you will see this message:
    "You must reset your password before you may log in again. Please check your email at to reset your password."

If you see this message: go and check that email address and follow the password reset process.

If you don't see that message, or you do not have access to the email you used previously: 

  1. Create a new account (If you are not concerned with Agency Purchasing)

  2. If you were previously authorized for one of our Agency Purchase categories then contact us by email here and we can help you out. Alternatively, you can give us a call @ 1 (800) 531-5529

  • Unfortunately, customer order history from the old website is too different from our new site - you won't be able to reference purchase history from before the site remodel, even if you recover your previous account.
  • The username system of the old site is no longer active, so any non-email usernames will not work - but logging in with the email address tied to that username will.

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