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OCP - Multicam Uniforms

Kel-Lac's military OCP uniforms feature regulation Multicam camouflage in 50/50 NYCO Ripstop, FR, or protective combat uniform fabrics for all your OCP needs. Multi-cam is the Air Force-designated uniform for Airmen performing "outside the wire" missions in Afghanistan. Airmen wearing OCPs will stand out from their Army and Navy counterparts with "spice brown" colored name and service tapes and enlisted ranks.

MultiCam® has been developed as a single camouflage pattern designed to reflect surrounding colors that exist in a variety of environments, at different times of the day, in varying elevations, seasons, and weather conditions. MultiCam® uniforms and gear can take on the overall appearance of dominant colors, such as green under the canopy of a forest or the tan appearance while in an open desert. MultiCam® addresses the real-world needs to find concealment in many differing environments with a basic kit of gear.

The unique design of MultiCam® is just another example of the way the science of perception can be applied to better take advantage of how the human eye will perceive color. Relying on the manner in which the brain “fills-in” the pattern colors of a background, MultiCam uniforms and MultiCam gear rely on blending rather than contrasting to provide the perfect disguise.

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