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Military Gear Apparel

Kel-Lac Uniforms has been a trusted source for military gear apparel and tactical field equipment for over 65 years. Over the years, Kel-Lac has primarily provided tactical gear, apparel, and uniforms for the Air Force and was established in 1951 near the Kelly Air Force Base. Then, in 2002, Kel-Lac launched its company website to help serve individual customers, as well as all military units, federal, and state agencies, and companies worldwide. Our selection of military gear apparel includes belts, duty gear, eyewear, gloves, knee pads, and watches that are suitable for anyone and any branch of service. Some gear even comes in several different colors and patterns, including operational camouflage patterns—otherwise known as OCP. All our products are made from the best materials and designed to ensure reliable usability that never hinders you in your duties.