Tactical Uniforms

Military Style Tactical Uniforms

At Kel-Lac Uniforms, we take pride in providing only the best military-grade uniforms. For over 65 years, we have served the many military branches, federal agencies, and state forces that require top-quality tactical uniforms and gear. That’s why we carry military-style tactical uniforms from Propper & Tru Spec. Engineered for both function and comfort, Propper & Tru Spec uniform apparel is perfect for wearing with or without body armor and is designed to provide reliable usability that never hinders you in your duties. Looking for a tactical quart zip? Check out the Propper TAC.U Combat Shirt. Its lightweight antimicrobial fabric helps wick moisture away from your torso while keeping odors at bay. For pants designed to withstand the elements, try out the TRU Xtreme® Tactical Response Uniform® pants. Made from equal parts nylon and cotton, these pants’ design prevents rips and provides lasting durability. Browse our full military tactical uniform collection for more reliable options like these.