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Survival Accessories

Get the essential outdoor survival gear for your kit when you're roughing it - insect repellent, paracord & carabiners, compass, military canteen & more.

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  • BLACKHAWK! Carabiners - Locking

    BLACKHAWK! Carabiners - Locking


    Blackhawk locking carabiners have a working load strength – force rated to 26kN, in excess of 5,800 lbs, and are made of black anodized aluminum.

  • Nylon 550 Paracord (100 Ft)

    Nylon 550 Paracord (100 Ft)


    Nylon Paracord is made by a certified U.S. Government Contractor. The cord is 550 Lb. tested, has a 7 Strand Core and is 100% Nylon with a diameter of 5/32 Inches. This Nylon Paracord is made In USA and is GSA compliant. ...

  • Paracord Bracelet

    Paracord Bracelet


    Rothco’s Paracord Bracelet is the ultimate paracord survival bracelet. Featuring 7-strand polyester paracord, and a quick-release side buckle, Rothco’s Paracord Bracelets are the ideal survival item. Paracord...

  • Sawyer Maxi DEET Insect Repellent

    Sawyer Maxi DEET Insect Repellent


    For areas of extreme bug density, you can rely on this 100% DEET spray for application to skin, clothing, and mosquito or head nets. Sawyer’s exclusive low-odor DEET formula protects exposed skin areas against...

  • Sawyer Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent Trigger Spray

    Sawyer Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent Trigger Spray


    Sawyer’s Premium Clothing Insect Repellent is designed to be applied to clothing, tents, and other outdoor gear to give you a solid shield of insect protection. Not only does Sawyer Premium Clothing Insect Repellent...

  • Snugpak - Basecamp OPS Nautilus SQ Backpack

    Snugpak - Basecamp OPS Nautilus SQ Backpack


    Temperature Rating: 37°F / 28°F (3°C / -2°C) The Basecamp Range is an ideal introduction to Snugpak's range of sleeping bags. These chunky, warm and comfortable bags are made to the same exacting standards...

  • SUUNTO M-9 Compass

    SUUNTO M-9 Compass

    $35.00 $29.95

    The SUUNTO M-9 Compass is a handy and reliable wrist compass for accurate navigation in town or country. The hands-free compass.Suunto attachable compasses are particularly handy, when both hands are needed to get past the...

  • 1 Quart Plastic Canteen

    1 Quart Plastic Canteen


    We offer this BPA Free 1 Quart canteen in Olive Drab and Coyote Tan. Made in the USA. NSN# 8465-00-889-3744

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