Nexbelt® Frances Women's Leather EDC Belt

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One Size
Belt: Waist
Belt: 1.375"

There are times when a woman has to dress up and still wants the protection of her protection device by her side. Here's Nexbelt's elegant stylish take on an equestrian D ring. So don't compromise for safety and don't compromise on style.


  • Buckle 1 3/16” x 2”  
  • Ratchet belt strap width is 1 3/8”
  • Strap backing is made of nylon to resist sweat from penetrating the outer belt surface
  • Fits up to 50" waist


  • Turn the belt to the backside and use our scaling system to find your pant size. (US PAT. Number 10,966,489 B2)
  • Add 2” to your pant size, and using scissors, cut along the dotted line.

Note: We recommend that you add 3 - 4 inches to your pant size before cutting. You can always trim farther down if needed


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