ABU - Air Force Uniforms

50/50 NYCO Ripstop

The current ABU standard of the Air Force. The NYCO Ripstop fabric is resistant to shrinking, and vat-dyed to ensure a minimal amount of fading over the life of the garment. 


NFPA 100% Cotton

100% Cotton Ripstop fabric will fade over time and personnel can expect 1-2% shrinkage over the life of the garment. To this end, the garment has been manufactured slightly larger in size. The 100% Cotton Ripstop NFPA ABU is specifically designed for those career fields where a potential for an ARC-flash incident exists.  These career fields may include welding, firefighting, electrical work or other CE related jobs.

Both ABU fabric versions (NYCO or 100% Cotton) are NIR-compliant.