5 Ways To Style Military Morale T-Shirts

5 Ways To Style Military Morale T-Shirts

May 25, 2022

There are many inside meanings to the things the military says, does, and even the uniforms that people wear. With all this inside jargon and the need to understand how the symbols and patches correlate within military circles, you need to do your homework first. So here are five ways to style military morale T-shirts to help you along the way.

Size and Fabric

As simple as this may sound, it’s necessary to get the right size and fabric before anything else. With T-shirts, especially those made with cotton, you will want to adjust the size to make up for shrinking when you wash and dry them.

Make sure to buy a size up from what you would normally wear. This way, once it does shrink, it will fit you perfectly, and you can then wear and wash it as much as you want without the fear of further shrinkage.


Among military personnel, active and retired, camouflage is something near and dear to them as this is a part of one of their military uniform styles. There are many different varieties of camouflage to choose from, depending on the needs and wants of the customer.

Sleeved or Not

This is always a hot topic as the seasons change. Some people prefer to have sleeves in hotter weather, and others don’t. Either way, both styles can still turn out well in either case.

With the sleeveless, it requires the most minimal care and is perfect for working and being outdoors. You can wear the sleeved version seasonally or year-round, or you can layer it for the desired effect of comfort.


Most military morale shirts have an assortment of memorabilia and things like stitched ribbons, military insignias, and patches, all to show what units they were with or where they served. These symbols could also stand for what they believe in and stand for.

Text or Infographic

One of the latest trends has been to convert the patchwork into infographic symbols. This seems to work best because you can get more text and symbolism on a military T-shirt to fill in the blank canvas with whatever the veteran wants to showcase.

These are five ways to style military morale T-shirts. There are more available out there, but we went with these as they are the most known and used.