Dress Etiquette for Military Funeral Services

Dress Etiquette for Military Funeral Services

Jun 14, 2022

Although funerals tend to be sad, the dress doesn’t have to be difficult to manage. People typically wear black, as it is the traditional color for a funeral.

Knowing how to dress for a funeral should eliminate that extra stress that comes with losing a friend or family member. Here is a basic reminder of the dress etiquette for military funeral services so that you will always know how to dress for these occasions.

Dressing Respectfully

Not everyone is expected to wear a suit and tie, but overall, you should try to look as respectful as possible. Coming to this formal event looking disheveled is not acceptable.

A pair of slacks, a dress shirt, and a nice pair of shoes that all go together and are clean and pressed are acceptable attire for a military funeral. For ladies, dresses are acceptable year-round. Other kinds of semi-formal attire will also do as long as it, too, is clean and pressed.

Civilian Men

Men who aren’t a part of the military should wear a suit and tie if possible. This means a shirt, slacks, belt, tie, sport coat, and dress shoes are all part of the standard. Dark colors are generally the dress code, although some choose to wear grey or brown.

Civilian Women

Women who aren’t in service can wear a blouse and a skirt or pants. Alternatively, they can wear dresses. Sport coats are also acceptable attire, as are full suits if that is what you fancy.

Military Personnel

If you’re in service and serving at a military funeral, you will be expected to be in full dress uniform. Depending on the season, you will be in whites or blues. This is unique to the US Navy, as an example. Other branches of service have different dress military uniforms; however, all must wear them if attending a military funeral.

This has been a quick overview of the dress etiquette for military funeral services to give the public a general idea of what to expect. Now, if you ever have to attend one for any reason, you will know what to wear.