How To Choose the Best Tactical Boots

How To Choose the Best Tactical Boots

Nov 19, 2021

Tactical boots are most often associated with military service, and while tactical boots are the mainstays of any military uniform store, these boots are ideal for combatting extreme environments in a wide variety of demanding jobs. To figure out which tactical boots are the best fit for your needs, let us show you how to choose the best tactical boots.

Choosing for the Mission

The first thing to consider is what your needs are and what job you’re performing. As mentioned, tactical boots are obviously associated with the military, but let's take a moment to examine why other professionals benefit from them.

  • Military – Soldiers are required to have tactical boots to meet their uniform regulations by branch. Military boots are typically expected to be suede and mesh in a particular color. Tactical boots are ideal for their long treks lugging gear over rugged terrain.
  • Police – Similar to the military, police officer uniforms have made tactical boots part of regulation. Full-grain leather and mesh keep the boots lightweight while still looking professional in black colors.
  • Firefighters/EMTS ─ These emergency responders are also making the shift toward tactical boots at the recommendation of not only their own needs, but by ASTM standards so as to protect from fluids and crushing hazards.

The Perks of Tactical Boots

There are many perks that are important when considering how to choose the best tactical boots. The key factor that all tactical boots are renowned for is their comfort and support that comes with wearing them. They keep your feet safe from harm and inflammation.

The next big benefit is the weatherproofing built into tactical boots. While customizations of material and design may alter their weatherproofing properties, tactical boots were first and foremost built to keep the wearer’s feet dry and protect from ailments like swamp foot or frostbite.

The biggest benefit of tactical boots is their sturdiness and durability; typical work boots simply can’t compete. Tactical boots are made with extra padding and protection in areas that are prone to rips and tears. Thus, they can endure harsh treatment without the cost of comfort and support.

The Types of Tactical Boots

While there are many variations of tactical boots, here are some recommendations:

  • Standard Issue – The most common and generally all-purpose, standard-issue tactical boots are good fallbacks to cover all your bases for protection and performance. They are durable, weather resistant, and slip resistant.
  • Tanker Boots – If you operate around heavy machinery, tanker boots are recommended for their lack of laces. This prevents you from getting caught in delicate or dangerous machinery and being injured.
  • Extreme Weather Boots – These boots come in three forms, each specialized towards handling extreme environments: Desert, jungle, and winter climates. If you know what climate you’re heading toward, you’ll want to consider these boots first.