Tips for Breaking in Your New Tactical Boots

Tips for Breaking in Your New Tactical Boots

Nov 19, 2021

Every soldier needs a reliable pair of tactical boots. However, these boots aren’t ready to wear on day one. Tactical boots need some breaking in before they’re ready for everyday service, lest wearers deal with blisters that will keep them off their feet and out of action. To avoid this, read these tips for breaking in your new tactical boots.

The Easy Way

Just as you would break in any other pair of footwear, you can start to break in your boots by simply wearing them for several days until you eliminate some of the initial rigidity. Wear them for any kind of activity until they finally fit to your liking. However, some individuals may suffer foot pain and a protracted timetable for fitting. Fortunately, you can try a quicker solution if you don’t mind water and a little work.

The Bathtub Method

Serious baseball cap aficionados know that getting a hat to fit perfectly takes some wetting and wearing. As breaking in tactical boots will show you, this principle holds true from head to toe. Don’t mind the moisture? Try this method to break in leather boots. Start by immersing them in a bathtub full of water until the boots are wet all over. Because you don’t want waterlogged boots, empty them of any excess water before you proceed. While the boots are still damp, get to work fitting them to your feet. But before you do, put on two pairs of thick socks. The idea here is that you’ll shrink the leather to fit your feet, but shrinking them too much means they’ll wind up a little too tight for everyday wear.

Now that your boots are on, wear them over the course of a day, allowing them to break in and dry out. Avoid doing anything too strenuous in your new boots—you run the risk of blisters or other injuries. At the day’s end, take your insoles out to dry independently, and allow the rest of your boots to air-dry or dry in front of a fan. This method should quickly have your tactical boots fitting perfectly.

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