Tips for Lacing and Tying Military Combat Boots

Tips for Lacing and Tying Military Combat Boots

Apr 27, 2022

Any time you’re lacing military combat boots, you need to make sure that the material you’re using is within regulations. You also need to make sure that the way you are lacing or tying your boots is according to military regulations.

These are the guidelines for how to properly wear combat military boots as instructed by military code. Following these tips for lacing and tying military combat boots will provide the best results.

Acquire the Best Laces

The first thing you need to do is find military-grade laces. You can order them online or find them at any military surplus store. Once you have the laces you need, you’ll need to measure them to ensure they will fit your boots and provide ample support to your feet.

Start Lacing

Make sure that your laces are evenly distributed. You will want to feed one end of your lace through the lowest eyelet of your boots at the bottom of the tongue of the boot. This would be nearest to the toe.

Once you have done this, pull until both ends can touch and even out the laces once again.

Cross Laces on Top

When lacing your boots, you will need to take note of which side you start with because that will always be your dominant side. In other words, if you take your left hand and lace in the right eyelet first, you’ll want to continue in the same pattern until you’re done.

Continue To Lace

It’s important to note that your laces should cross neatly on top of one another. The dominant lace should face toward the inside of the boot. Following this tip will ensure both boots are uniform to one another.

Lace to the Top and Wrap

While lacing, make sure that you lace through every eyelet and don’t skip any. This could throw off the whole pattern, and you would have to start over from where you made the mistake. Once you have made it to the top of the boot, you should be left with quite a bit of excess lacing.

You can wrap each lace around your calf and come back to the front, then tie them off. Once you tie them off, you can take what little is left and tuck them into the sides of your military boots for that clean and polished look.

This has been a brief overview of tips for lacing and tying military combat boots and how to properly wear them while in uniform. Any other way of lacing these boots could cause injury or harm to your feet, so it’s important that you follow these guidelines.