What To Do With Your Old Military Clothing

What To Do With Your Old Military Clothing

Mar 22, 2022

It’s hard to let go of those old regulation uniforms you worked so hard to keep in pristine condition. But now that the years have gone by, they serve no purpose but to rest on a hanger.

Now you have an opportunity to let them serve a higher purpose. Here's what to do with your old military clothing so that your uniforms and your service can be honored even when you’re no longer serving.


Your first inclination might be to sell your uniforms but donating them to a good cause might serve a higher purpose. If you find a reputable organization that accepts donations, then you know the clothes will go to someone with similar interests.

The USO might be a good place to start. There are plenty of homeless shelters needing clothing as well.

Sell Them

There are so many military outlets that you should have no issue selling your old uniforms. They might even give you top dollar for them if they are in good condition, as you know they will be.

ROTC suppliers might be another good resource. Most military posts will gladly take your old uniforms and pay a handsome sum.


If you’re just not ready to let them go, you don’t have to. You can repurpose military clothing that saw better days and refabricate them into anything you want. You could make handkerchiefs bandanas, or you can reuse them for outdoor activities and not change them at all.

There’s no limit to the things you can do with old military clothing if you take the time and get creative. Sometimes other people can find a use for clothes you no longer need, but repurposing is always a great option. If you have a strong attachment to your old uniforms, this can be the perfect way to preserve the memories.