What To Know About Cleaning Tactical Gear

What To Know About Cleaning Tactical Gear

Nov 07, 2022

Proper care and maintenance for your tactical gear is extremely important for anyone relying on it. It doesn’t matter what you use the gear for or how durable it is; you should always take the time to care for your equipment. If you’re uncertain how you should care for your gear, you can learn more about it here.

Remove Everything From Your Gear

You should remove anything from your gear before cleaning it. Small attachments or accessories can prevent proper cleaning or cause damage to the gear if you leave the items still on it. Clean these attachments separately and reattach them after thoroughly washing and drying your equipment.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

An essential step to cleaning your gear is learning what the manufacturer says about how you should care for it. Each piece of gear is unique and requires different care to keep it clean and in top shape. The best place to learn this information is from the people who manufactured it in the first place. You can ask for this information from the military gear store you bought it from if it doesn’t come with the gear.

Clean in Small Groups

When you clean things, ensure you’re only cleaning a few items at a time. Overstuffing a washer or tackling a pile of things will prevent proper cleaning, and you’ll miss vital spots that may need attention the most. Try grabbing only a couple of items at once and then move to the next batch once you’re done.

Frequent Cleaning Is Best

One of the most important parts to learn when it comes to cleaning tactical gear is that you should clean your equipment frequently. Dirt and grime will eventually damage your gear if you leave it for a long time. Try to clean your equipment as soon as possible after using it to prevent as much damage as possible.

Following these steps should help you maintain your tactical gear. It’s essential to keep these practices up even if you aren’t using your gear, as it can rust or damage even in storage. So always follow these steps whenever possible.