Why Does the Army Wear Green? Its Symbolism and Significance

Why Does the Army Wear Green? Its Symbolism and Significance

Nov 07, 2022

The military is always trying to improve its tactics, including the Army. One way the Army focuses on making this happen is through transitioning their military uniforms. You will frequently see people in the military clad in many uniforms, all for different occasions.

Having a strict business attire helps to keep uniformity among the ranks, discipline, and ordinance for specific operations that require even more specific jobs and positions that the uniform represents. This article will provide more in-depth answers to why the Army wears green. It will also explain what the symbolism and significance of these colors are as they correspond with their uniforms and the tactics they use.

Appearance and Meaning

When you think of the Army, one of the first things you may think of is the color green. This branch of military service is rich in history and has a lot of decorated patches and ribbons that go along with its many uniforms. Therefore, it can be hard for a civilian to keep track of it all.

Therefore, green is the easiest way to remember the Army. It also helps distinguish itself from its brother branches of the Marines, Navy, and Air Force.

Every branch of service imbues itself with an excess of honor and pride. So they all must have their own unique identities as they all specialize in specific styles of operations. Through their color schemes, they can have this identity that stands alone as something the other branches don’t have.

The Business Model

Of all the service branches, the Army hasn’t always had a working attire that corresponds with civilian workplace attire. But a business uniform gives the soldier a more professional look for jobs outside of warfare and camouflage.

Other business opportunities are available to the Army via technical and clerical-related positions, especially in hospital and business-related compounds. The military must look professional, which is why these business working style uniforms exist.

This imagery business format helps to paint a different picture of military operations for other businesses and corporations worldwide as they learn to work alongside each other. But the color green is still clear and present. You can even see it in their military morale shirts and workout uniforms; green represents all things associated with the Army.

Honoring the Fallen

Another huge bit of significance that follows the Army and the reasoning behind why they choose to wear green is due to the WWII generation. Recently, the higher powers of the Army have decided to reinstate the uniforms that people wore in the 1940s: the original olive working uniforms. This change is happening to support and honor the military veterans that came before us from what many have said to have been the “golden generation.” Also, these uniforms give the Army a more formal business look so that they can blend in with the civilian business sector.

Higher Quality

The Army 44s, as many people know them, are the WWII-era uniforms that will be the newest installation in the Army’s repertoire of uniforms. These stand alongside the digital camouflage they wear, which is also a lighter green. Both uniforms have superior quality and detail, which can make them outlast all other Army uniforms.

The quality of the uniforms gives them the edge and upper hand when other types of uniforms become phased out. The Army green has been thematic in the dress and working uniforms as long as there has been an Army to some degree. And because these military workers hardly ever take days off from work, they deserve to have uniforms that perform just as well as they perform for their country.

When you have a uniform that has to endure the amount of tireless work and stress that the soldier goes through, they’ll need quality materials to match their given occupation. This also helps with managing the military’s budget since most military members make humble pay.

Synonymous With Land Warfare

If it hasn’t crossed your mind yet, there’s one obvious and apparent reason why “Army green” is and has always been the color and theme of this branch. Both terms are synonymous with land warfare as they go hand in hand with the occupation and needing to have the best camouflage on the ground.

Because most of the world’s landscaping and foliage is some hue of green or blends well with green, it’s the perfect color for camouflage, no matter where you are. There are some areas that may not have as lush of landscapes, but there are also alternative uniforms for that.

Virtues and Ethos

There is also a hidden meaning behind most military symbols that many people outside of military service may not be aware of. The high amounts of morality and good virtue is something that every branch cleaves to with their lives. They serve their time defending and protecting the US in the act of doing what’s right.

With that said, in the Army, the color green has been more than an identity and way of claiming uniqueness among their brother services. The color green has a deeper implied meaning associated with phrases like “the green light,” which most people associate with moving.

In the Army, it means moving forward against adversity and oppression of all kinds. Having the uniform color green means that all soldiers should constantly see only their brothers at work. This uniformity means that all members, regardless of class, rank, race, gender, or age, all serve together as the same. It gives them a familial style structure. Each individual is the other’s brother or sister, and they serve together.

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