Why Soldiers Wear Boonie Hats in the Military

Why Soldiers Wear Boonie Hats in the Military

Apr 22, 2022

Soldiers deployed overseas in tropical or humid environments often wear boonie hats as a standardized part of their uniform. There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is to help regulate body temperature. Read on to learn all the reasons why soldiers wear boonie hats in the military.

Duty Calls

When a soldier serves their country, certain stipulations come with the job. Along with the routine of doing the day job, they must also keep watch whenever it’s their time to be on duty.

This means there is a rotation of service members who must guard something. This could be anything from a post or a doorway, a ship, or a tank. While they are on duty, it’s their responsibility to protect what they are guarding at all costs.

Once relieved by the oncoming duty member after several hours on watch, then they can go back to doing whatever detail or job they were a part of before being on duty.

Due to these long hours, often in the sun and outdoors, soldiers need protection. The boonie hat is the perfect tactical hat. It keeps them cool while fighting the elements of heat and humidity. This is especially true for hot and humid climates that are more tropical and sub-tropical.

Work Detail

Much like being on duty, special jobs and assignments come about that require all hands or certain departments to participate. Depending on the assignment’s size these larger jobs can sometimes last for hours or even days.

In these conditions, the boonie hat is a soldier’s best friend because it protects them from the sun, UV exposure, heat, and humidity, all of which can wear a person down and take their energy. Any help matters in these conditions.

Impractical Environments

When soldiers find it too hot or exhausting to wear a helmet, they must ask their chain of command for a change. Once they hear of what is happening in their unit, authorization and approval for boonie hats is normally cleared and recommended.

If you ever see people in the military wearing boonie hats, you will recognize and remember their reasons. Or, if someone asks you why soldiers wear boonie hats in the military, you can safely tell them why.